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Helping your parents with their finances as they get older

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When your parents get older, they are going to rely on you more than ever before. This can be difficult for both of you. After all, you will have more responsibility than you ever had and it can be sad to see your parents struggling with things that they used to find easy. On the flip side, it can be very difficult for your parents to accept help from their children, as they have spent all of their lives bringing you and your siblings up.

One area where you can certainly assist your parents with is their finances. Older people have a limited income each month. They need to make this work. There are also government benefits available in certain circumstances, as well as government grants for home improvements, so looking into these can definitely be a big help.

There are lots of great resources online, and so it is certainly worth making the most of these. They can be very insightful in terms of the different sorts of funding and benefit options that are available to older people. Do not be afraid to give your local council a call either if you want some further assistance. It is also wise to ring up your parent’s utility companies and such like to see if they can move onto a cheaper and/or fixed tariff. There are often discounted rates available for older people. Plus, a fixed tariff makes it easier for your parents to budget.

Aside from this, you will need to make sure that your parents can get the care help they need within their budget. Live in care tends to be the preferred option so that your parents can maintain their independence. They will still be able to go to their favourite senior community center and enjoy all of their favourite activities. After all, living an independent life is so important as people get older. However, live in care can be expensive. Have you thought about becoming a live in carer yourself and turning this into a career? This is an option that a lot of people think about because they basically end up being their parent’s carer in any case. It is a natural transition for a lot of people; they start caring for their parents and then they end up caring for other people too.

Live in carers are special people.  Not everyone can do the job. It takes a specific set of skills that cannot be easily learned. These include the ability to talk to people, to engage with them, and to put them at their ease no matter what the situation. Those who work in live in care must also have a level head and be competent and confident in their own abilities. If they are not, then their clients will feel unsettled and nervous, which can lead to serious problems regarding trust. And finally, they must be able to carry out general domestic tasks as well as some basic nursing duties.

Do Live In Care Workers Face Any Challenges?

 There are many different challenges that live in carers face on a daily basis. Just like any job, there are good days and bad days, but the key for carers is that they must not let their emotions rule them – they need to be calm and sensible no matter what happens. Full time live in carers may notice things that a family member wouldn’t, and if it is important to the well-being of the client, they will need to discuss it with the appropriate person. It is important, therefore, for the family of the client to listen to the carer when they suggest ideas and solutions. One of the challenges that professional carers face is dealing with situations that cause them concern. This is why it is important to ensure that the company you work with is fully supportive and provides you with the information and reporting techniques that may be necessary at times. Caring for someone full time, whether as a job or because they are family, is demanding and can be exhausting, which is why it is recommended that those who don’t do it professionally have breaks when they can. Live in home carers need to be able to recognise similar issues in themselves. If they are becoming overtired, or having difficulties in a situation, then mistakes are possible. For this reason, self-awareness and self-reporting are key.

Are There Many Live In Carers Jobs In The UK?

 The number of potential live in carers job in the UK is dependent on the number of elderly, disabled or infirm people requiring at home support at any time. As word spreads of the possibility for more people to stay in their own homes, rather than going into nursing, residential, or even respite care, the number is likely to rise.  Due to this, carers are always in demand, especially highly experienced carers who are willing to take on live in roles. So if you are looking for a job that has incredible rewards and offers high levels of satisfaction, becoming a carer is ideal. In order to become a full time live in carer, assuming you are sure you have all the qualities required, you will need to obtain a DBS check. The DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) check used to be called the CRB (Criminals Record Bureau). You will also be asked to a formal interview, to discuss the pros and cons of becoming a full-time carer. You may feel at this point that the job is not for you, but if you are still excited then after references are checked, you will be able to begin work once a placement is found for you. Patience and good humour are essential from the beginning, but the experience can be gained by working with the right company. Carers who work in this way often consider their job a vocation, and they are able to meet many different interesting people, as well as travel all over the country for work.

Live In Home Care Jobs Can Become A Business

If, like many, you applaud those who can carry out live in care worker jobs but you don’t feel you have the skills necessary to do it yourself, you can still be involved. In fact, not only can you be involved, but you can create a business that will be successful and profitable for you whilst at the same time providing essential care to those who need it most. It is the ideal way to ensure that the vulnerable and elderly in society don’t have to leave their homes, even if you can’t do any live in home care jobs yourself. The most effective way to set up a business dealing in home care is to buy a franchise. The franchise model can be the perfect way to have your own brand new business that still has a proven track record and good name behind it.  Not all franchises are equal, however, so research and checks are incredibly important, and must be done before you pay out any money. In most cases you will only have one chance to pick the right franchise for you, so choose wisely. Treat buying a franchise like an investment, and only payout for one that is going to give you a return.

To conclude, there is no denying that all parents will need assistance when they get older. Helping your parents with their finances is definitely one area to consider. After all, it can be hard for them to keep on top of all of this, especially with care bills.

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