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How To Make Children A Part Of Your Wedding Proposal

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The average age for men to marry in the UK is 38, while for women it is 35.7 (among heterosexual couples) and 40.1 years and 36.6 years for women in same-sex marriages – as found in figures compiled by The Office for National Statistics. Many couples who get married have children of their own or children or family members they may wish to include in the festivities. Traditional roles for children include ring bearer and flower child, but why limit their participation to the celebration itself? If you are planning a wedding and you would like to make your proposal extra special, why not involve children at this early stage?

 Children With An Eye For Design

Children can play a role in your proposal at the earliest stages – for instance, choosing the engagement ring. Design lovers often enjoy putting together a bespoke engagement ring, bringing their ideas and sharing their dreams with their chosen jewellery designer. Besotted future brides or grooms can involve children symbolically – for instance, by selecting one stone to represent each child in a multi-stone engagement ring design. Children can also help with engagement ring selection, with older children discovering the favourite shapes and styles of the person being proposed to. Indeed, teenage (and older) children who love fashion and who often go shopping with your loved one may have key information regarding how classical or modern, new or vintage your beloved’s sense of style is.

 Brainstorming A Unique Or Classic Proposal

Children are known for their ability to think outside the box, so tap into their ideas for an extra-special proposal. Just a few proposal types that are popular among creative couples include flash mob proposals (where friends and family take part in a choreographed song-and-dance number, with the groom/bride finally proposing), romantic getaways (for instance, renting a helicopter for a day and treating your loved one to a romantic lunch in a natural setting, followed by the proposal), and adventure proposals (up in the air, under the sea, or just after landing from a skydive). Children can take part in many of these plans, bearing the ring, singing a song, or forming part of a choreographed proposal.

 Relying On Children’s Creativity

All children have unique talents that can shine on one of the most important moments in your life. Children can complete everything from drawings for a proposal card or letter right through to the editing of a video-recorded proposal. In current times, when family proposals are becoming more difficult to organise (for instance, because some family members may live abroad or at a distance), recording messages from loved ones and making a beautifully edited video tape with music, sound effects, illustrations, and the right font can be a beautiful way to remember your big day. If you have a child who is a whiz at social media and recording, they can even take charge of recording the proposal and editing so you can share the special moment with loved ones across the globe.

Many couples decide to tie the knot later in life, meaning that many have children that are keen to play a part in their proposal and wedding. Children can help the proposer pick a ring, write a card, or plan a real-life or video-recorded choreographed proposal. They can also brainstorm ideas and share information only they may know to ensure the proposal fits a couple’s idea of romantic perfection.

Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

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