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How to take care of your parents after a hospital discharge

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Leaving the hospital after an extended stay can seem like a relief. However, the process of being discharged from hospital can be extremely stressful, especially for older patients or those experiencing the physical after-effects of surgery.

If you have elderly parents that have recently been discharged and you’re looking for reliable ways to help ease them back into everyday life, how can you take care of them and make the process as painless as possible?

Minimise stress

If you want to make the transition as smooth as possible, you’ll need to deal with any lingering issues that are likely to cause stress to your parents. For instance, if they received poor-quality care or suffered an injury during surgery, you will likely need to help them file a medical negligence claim and provide some extra financial support in terms of paying rent and bills. You may also need to help with shopping, travel and other everyday duties to minimise stress post-discharge.

Consider moving in temporarily

If you live and work relatively close by (and it would not disrupt your everyday schedule too much), consider moving into your parents’ property immediately post-discharge. It’s often during the first few days and weeks after being released from hospital that patients struggle the most, and it may be safer, quicker and easier for you to care for your parents from their home base. Ensure that your parents can move around safely and that they stick to their medication schedules if you want them to recover quickly.

Show your support

Whether you choose to move in or look after your parents from a distance, it’s essential that you provide regular support and let them know that you’re there for them. The process of recovering from an illness or physical injury can lead to feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation – be as present as you can and ensure that you check up on your relatives each day, even if this is only by phone.

Hire professional care services

While making use of extra care services or signing your parents up at a care home may seem like drastic options, this could be essential if they are unable to take care of themselves safely. If you live far away or cannot make it to their homes regularly to check up on them, consider hiring assisted living professionals to provide peace of mind for both your parents and yourself.







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