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5 Tips for Ensuring the Best Care for Your Loved One

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Everyone wants to make sure that their loved one is receiving the best care for their individual needs.

Whether your relative is receiving full-time live in care, or just a little extra help on the side, here are five tips for ensuring that they get the best quality of care.

Keep their Wishes at the Forefront

Make sure that your loved one can consent to their care, and that they understand what it involves. Engage in conversation with them and endeavour to keep their comfort and preferences leading every decision you make.

For example, your family member might wish to move to a care home and maintain certain routines like daily walks or certain foods to help them feel safe and settled.

Keep Communication up to Scratch

If you are hiring external carers to take care of your loved one, make sure to keep regular communication with them. This can be through phone calls, or keeping a logbook of activities, including mealtimes, medication, and notable interactions.

This will mean that each carer who passes through will receive consistent and concise information that is up to date.

If you’re caring for a relative through family help, you can use apps like Jointly to help organise care, create to-do lists, make tasks, and set up calendar events.

Get Help with Your Stairlifts

Stairlifts can be an integral part of an elderly or disabled individual’s mobility, so having a professional to help you install, remove, and maintain them is essential.

You can find stairlift removal and replacements from webuyanystairlift.com, who will use their extensive experience to make sure your stairlift replacement is in top shape for your loved one.

Look After Yourself Too!

Don’t forget to look after yourself too – caring is time-consuming and can be an intense activity, even though it has some very rewarding benefits. Your loved one will recognise the positive difference in their care when you take some time for yourself.

Taking some time away can also help with perspective too, it will make your problem-solving skills sharper, and allow you to thoroughly rest mentally and physically.

Whether you book yourself a holiday to take a break, or just arrange someone to take over your role for a brief time while you get some well-earned rest, make sure you take some regular recharging time.

Try and Encourage Socialising

It’s important for your loved one to get out and about as much as possible if they can. Encourage them to partake in days out, trips to the library or supermarket, or to see friends.

You could also try and take them to social events like knitting groups, coffee mornings or community centre classes to increase their social exposure, as research shows that socialisation reduces feelings of loneliness, and can sharpen cognitive and memory skills, which are key for more elderly people.

Photo by Georg Arthur Pflueger on Unsplash

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