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4 Ways to Manage a Business with Caring Responsibilities

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Managing a business while you have caring responsibilities can be a mammoth task, but it’s equally rewarding in different ways.

It’s imperative that you can balance both worlds – care and career – and of course, look after you own needs.

Here are four tips for managing a business while you’re caring for your loved one.

Use Recruitment Software for Hiring

Using recruitment software like Oleeo can take a huge amount of time out of your hiring process by reducing the need for a manual appraisal of applications.

Instead, you can use Oleeo’s artificial intelligence to trawl your applications so you can prioritise your caring responsibilities.

Oleeo can also help you to conduct virtual interviews through its platform, as well as deliver tailored communication to candidates which means that you can recruit from anywhere with minimal hassle.

Look After Your Mental Health

This is important in every situation in life, but particularly when you have caring responsibilities, as it can be easy to lose track when looking after your own needs.

Focus on your mental health by establishing clear boundaries and limits on what you can manage in the time you have.

Adding on extra will only cause increased stress, making it harder for you to find that all important balance in your responsibilities.

It would be a good idea to schedule self-care, such as eating and sleeping, alongside all of your other obligations. Plus, if you have children, you will need to factor in time for them too.

Get Help from Professionals

It’s essential to acknowledge that it’s not always possible for you to do everything yourself. Getting help from a carer can sometimes be the respite that you need to complete tasks for your business or spend time with your family.

The NHS website provides some valuable information into the logistics of having a paid carer visit your relative.

Sometimes you might need some help for yourself, so talking to a professional might help you to decompress, so make sure to contact your GP for advice if you need it.

You can also contact a mental health counsellor for a confidential safe space to discuss events happening in your life.

Invest in SOS Alarms

For those times when you must leave your loved one unattended, it’s a good idea to invest in an SOS alarm like Taking Care personal alarms.

An SOS alarm normally consists of a pendant that goes around the neck, wrist or on a belt that can be pressed in times of distress or need, such as after a fall.

It is also perfect for those who are hard of hearing or deaf and would have difficulty phoning the emergency services themselves and will give you the peace of mind to run your errands and attend to your business’ needs without worrying.


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