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4 tell tale signs you’ve found a great carer

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For many older people, their care worker is their primary lifeline. This is someone who helps with everything, including housework, personal care, and more.

Because they play such an important role, though, it’s critical to look for care workers who have the right qualities. If they aren’t up to the mark, then your live-in care experience won’t be as good as it could be.

What qualities and traits should you look for? Let’s find out.

They’re Committed To Their Job

Some people take care work because they want to make a little extra money on the side. And when carers are simply passionate about what they do and believe in their work, it changes the dynamic completely. No matter how demanding the work gets, they’re still motivated to improve their clients’ quality of life. Even if things get tough, they still put everything they have into the work they do.

Part of the joy of care work is to empower clients to continue living their lives as normal. Successful care workers help elderly people avoid having to go into a more structured environment, such as a care home. In some cases, they may also prevent hospice admission, allowing grandparents to stay closer to their children.

This kind of gift is what makes it so easy for genuine care workers to get up in the morning and start their day.

They Are Trustworthy

Carers need to be people of exceptional integrity. That’s because clients place so much trust in them. Not only do they have to provide the proper care to older people, but they are also often responsible for finances and maintaining the household.

For this reason, trust is critical. If clients feel that they cannot trust the carers they rely on to be punctual, reliable and respectful, then the relationship turns sour and it becomes almost inevitable that it will end.

They Have The Necessary Qualifications

Carers only require minimal training to begin their work. Some don’t need any at all. However, quality agencies always ensure that their workers have at least some training, particularly when their clients have complex health conditions.

Most carers receive basic training on how to operate hoists and provide personal care. However, quality agencies will provide training in things like dementia care and incontinence management. These additional skills let carers provide various clients with a higher quality of life.

They Respect Your Independence

High-quality care workers see their role as facilitating their clients’ independence. That’s fundamentally what they are doing. Therefore, they always listen to their clients’ decisions, wants and needs. Clients should be able to decide when they get up, where they go, and when they should eat.

For some care workers, handing over this level of sovereignty to their clients is difficult. Many feel that they know best. But experienced carers understand that everyone is different and have different needs. Therefore, they do what they can to ensure that they make decisions for themselves. They don’t dictate.

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