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Activities to do with your grandchildren

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Becoming a grandparent can be a wonderful thing. Thoughts and memories of raising your kids start flooding back and new life tends to give you your own little boost of energy. Part of grandparenting duties is often to look after the kids every once in a while to give their parents some well-deserved me time, and this can be an incredibly exciting but potentially daunting occasion – particularly if it’s your first time grandparenting. Knowing what activities to do with grandchildren of all ages is essential to ensure that you get to enjoy the time together. Below we walk through some activities to consider depending on your health, fitness and mobility.

Walk and explore

One of the go-to activities for grandparents and children is going for a walk. Exploring places both new and old can be a good way to get some fresh air, encourage movement and spend time in nature. Local parks, lakes, woods or even more built-up areas can be good options provided you can keep an eye on the grandchildren at all times. Walking and exploring shouldn’t be too strenuous but you can choose a location that suits your mobility requirements and preferences.

Playground visit

Kids can’t help themselves when it comes to playgrounds. If you’re not looking to do much movement yourself, then you can let your grandchildren go wild on the playground equipment while you can keep an eye on them from the sidelines. Watching kids play can be a wholesome experience and you’ll probably want to join in if you can!

Play games

If you want to get a bit more involved, you can always partake in games or sporting activities with your grandkids. You can do this in the comfort of the back garden or at a local park or sporting facility. Perhaps you want to introduce your grandchildren to an activity you did when you were younger, or you’re interested to try something that they go crazy for. Any sporty types out there might want to invest in some junior sporting equipment like cricket bats or tennis rackets to help them try new things while they are young.

Visit attractions

If you’re happy going a bit further afield you can always book some attractions. Wildlife centres like zoos and aquariums are popular choices and can be educational as well as entertaining. Alternatively, there are also theme parks and funfairs if you’re a little more adventurous. Most attractions do family or bundle tickets which can help to make the visits more affordable.

Stay-at-home fun

If you’d rather stay at home with the grandkids then you can get creative with activities at home. Arts and crafts, baking, cooking or games like hide and seek are all tried and tested classics. Just be careful not to leave yourself too much cleaning up to do after!

Making the most of the time with your grandkids is essential because it won’t be long until they’re all grown up. Enjoy!

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