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How to get in the zone when working from home

working at home

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If you’ve never worked from home before, then it can feel really strange when you’re forced to do so. On the face of it, this sounds like a fantastic idea. There’s no morning commute to worry about, no fake laughing at some of your colleagues ‘jokes’, and you can stay close to the kids.

However, after a few days of trying it, you realise it’s not as easy as it seems. If anything, it’s harder to work from home than it is to work in an office. Why? Because you just can’t focus at all. There are too many distractions, too many things getting in your way, and you really struggle to be productive.

Are you in a situation similar to this? If so, here are some advice that can help you feel more focused when working from home.

Pretend you’re going to work

It’s tempting to have a lie-in when you work from home. But, this approach might set you up for an unproductive day. Instead, pretend you’re going to work. Get up at the same time you usually would, follow your normal routine, and sit down at your desk bright and early.

As part of this, be sure you actually wear work clothes as well. It sounds crazy, but this can almost trick your mind into getting into work mode. It’s also an excuse to treat yourself to some new clothes. Make use of a Wallis discount code to get some professional clothing to wear at home. Now, you’re more eager to work as you can try your new clothes on!

Act like you’re actually going to work and you will feel more focused.

Create a (relatively) quiet place

You can’t work productively on your bed or on the sofa. There are simply too many distractions that make your mind wander. Instead, create a relatively quiet place where you can work. This could be a spare room, it might be out in the garage, or it could be in the kitchen with the doors closed.

Ideally, and this is the hardest part, keep your kids out of your workroom. If you have another adult in the house, then get them to look after the little ones until you’ve finished working for the day. If you’re on your own, then try your best to keep the kids occupied and nearby. It sounds lazy, but putting a film on is a great way to do this.

Eat well at mealtimes

It’s so easy to be distracted by hunger when you’re working from home. You’re close to all your snacks, so you instantly start thinking about them. The only way to stop this is to eat well at mealtimes. Start with a nutritious and filling breakfast, followed by a big lunch. Eat lots of healthy foods to help you feel good and boost your body. If you take care of your hunger cravings, you’ll find it much easier to concentrate at home.

We all respond to working from home in different ways. If you’ve been struggling to focus and get in the zone, then we hope these tips will help you out.

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