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3 Style Tips for the Fashionable Man

style tips for the fashionable man

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For a long time, fashion was geared  more toward women. Today, it’s no longer the case, with the modern man wanting to look and feel good, allowing fashion houses to focus on males. Surprisingly, it turned out very well, considering the UK menswear market was valued at 11.7 billion GBP only last year. From all indications, this value will be surpassed by the close of 2023. In the meantime, here are three simple style tips for the fashionable man and how to elevate your wardrobe no matter your personality.

Enhance your look with tailoring

Many fashion magazines highlight tailoring for men. Tailored clothing often looks well-fitted and attractive. You can replicate that look by paying close attention to how your clothes fit your body. You may look unpresentable because an ill-fitting trendy garment fails to flatter your body shape. Even worse, it fails to show your fashion sense. Men often find themselves wearing clothing that isn’t the right size, either too small or large. Unless the latter is intentional for a specific event or occasion, you are better off wearing well-fitted tailored clothing.

Contrary to public perception, tailored clothing isn’t expensive. It’s understandable why you may think so, especially because it’s categorised under customised styling. However, all it takes is to ensure your trousers are cut to size and shirt sleeves are properly tapered, with evidence of neat hemming.

Create a versatile wardrobe

A versatile wardrobe involves having outfits that can be matched to suit different occasions without looking out of place. It doesn’t matter how many clothes you have, as long as they are varied enough to be combined to fit different events. The trick, however, is to invest in high-quality, classic pieces that will never go out of style. For example, items like a tailored navy blazer, quality shirts like a Moncler polo shirt, a pair of dark-coloured denim trousers, leather dressing shoes, and a neat white button-down shirt will come in handy for your wardrobe, and you can easily combine them with other clothing you already own. Admittedly, successfully doing this will require some fashion knowledge, but that’s nothing to worry about. You will find several online resources solely focused on male fashion that teaches how to do this. The more you try the suggested tips on these platforms, the better you will become at creating a versatile wardrobe. When you have that sorted, you can experiment with fashion trends to add personality to your wardrobe.

Consider the small details

The finer points of your general appearance can make a difference only when the details are spot on. You can’t go wrong with a quality belt, a classic watch, and dressing shoes. Believe it or not, these fashion details can move your ensemble from ordinary to the talk of the town – for the right reasons. Speaking of fine details, pay attention to your grooming. Neat facial hair, clipped nails, and a sleek hairstyle add more appeal to your sense of style. Although there’s no need to dress to please the masses, you have every reason to look the part no matter where you are. It also boosts your confidence.

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