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4 Ways to Ensure You Have a Healthy Amicable Divorce

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Divorce carries with it typically negative connotations, but it does not always have to be so. In this article, we will explore steps to make the separation process as pleasant as it can be.

No couple ever marries expecting to separate, but sometimes it is inevitable. It is easy for divorce to spiral into something messy and hateful. Nobody wants to make a difficult time any harder than it already is, so it important to remain civil and cooperative throughout the whole process.

Family mediators can give professional counsel from an unbiased perspective to make your divorce go smoothly. How you handle the situation at home is also crucial to a healthy separation; legal advice and assistance can only take you and your partner so far. Though it is natural for negative emotions to arise, it takes maturity and patience to achieve the best outcome for everyone involved.

In this article, we will offer guidance as to how you should proceed with divorce to ensure it stays amicable.

Why is an Amicable Divorce Important?

You may wonder what the point is of having an amicable divorce when you and your partner are planning to go separate ways. This is because the divorce process is not immediate, and how positively or negatively it goes will affect both of yours lives after the fact.

An amicable divorce will greatly reduce the money you have to spend on legal fees. If you can discuss the situation at home and resolve as many issues as possible, that means fewer paid hours face-to-face with solicitors. Do what you can domestically to spend your money on legal mediation where matters most.

Not only is an amicable divorce more financially preferable, but it is also emotionally healthier than a huge conflict. Nasty divorces can be traumatic for all involved. It is not solely the partners affected by a separation, but also any children you may have. Dealing with matters in a calm and civil matter will save your children much distress and potential future mental health issues.

Amicable divorces are better for everyone, so why not act to achieve one?

How to Have an Amicable Divorce

Let Go of Past Grievances

If you and your partner are separating, it is happening for a reason. There are bound to be plethora of issues and conflicts between you that led to the current situation. Once you have agreed upon divorce, however, there is no point in maintaining these grudges or arguments.

Do not let past grievances impede the divorce process. Agree to disagree and cooperate to the best of your ability to gain the best future for you and your families. Arguing prolongs an experience you would both much rather was over as soon as possible. Additionally, petty bickering during meetings with family solicitors will only waste valuable time that you are paying for.

Be Flexible and Consider the Big Picture

It is very unlikely that either you or your partner will get exactly what you want from your divorce. Compromise is the key to accelerating the process and leaving both parties satisfied. Prioritise what you hope to achieve from the divorce – from certain shared assets to specific times of child custody – and be willing to sacrifice other preferences to keep what matters most to you.

Neither partner will walk away from a divorce ecstatic, but you may walk away content and satisfied. Discuss with your partner and offer leeway where you do not mind giving it.

Work On Civil Discussion Skills

There is no use conversing with your partner if you cannot do so in a civil manner. Listening skills are essential to a healthy divorce. You must understand your partner’s standpoint – even if you do not agree with it – and vice versa. However, listening alone is not enough.

It is crucial to listen without placing blame or judgement. After all, you are not trying to discover who is right or wrong; you are trying to resolve your separation as amicably as quickly as possible. Remain calm and try to be unbiased and sympathetic.

The sooner you can converse cordially, the sooner the situation will be over.

 Seek Outside Mediation

Resolving a separation fully independently is a huge challenge. There is no shame in seeking outside counsel, whether it be professional or otherwise. Involving mutual friends to help mediate your discussions and offer input can be an effective method of finding middle ground. Sometimes it is easier to solve disputes with an uninvolved third party there.

Of course, you should trust the legal side of affairs to a certified family solicitor. Whilst friends and family can be great help for the emotional and personal aspects of divorce, it is wise to seek professional guidance regarding documentation and distribution of shared assets.

Never feel as though you cannot reach out to others for help during this stressful time.

Ensuring you have a healthy amicable divorce…

Divorce does not always have to be as nasty as most believe it to be. Follow the tips presented in this article and achieve a healthy amicable separation as fast as possible.

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